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for soft and rigid molds

SilkeMat® Tutorial:

What is it?

How is it used?

What makes it different?

SilkeMat® Basic Tutorial

SilkeMat® Rigidizer Tutorial:

How to make reusable rigid

molds with SilkeMat®

SilkeMat® RigidizerTutorial

SilkeMat® Instructions

SilkeMat® Rigidizer Instructions

SilkeMat® Drip Melt “Jellyfish” Mold Tutorial

Drip Nelt Mold Tutoprial

A quick Tutorial on how to make a simple drip melt (jellyfish) mold

Note: the annealing temp in Step 4 should be 427C, not 524C

SilkeMat® What Can You Do With It?

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SilkeMat® Rigidizer SDS Sheet

SilkeMat® SDS Sheet

Clarity SDS Sheet


This video was done a couple of years ago and I've learned that twisting anything plastic or metal will make a beautiful hole in your molds without drilling. There wasn't a way to update that info on this video, but the Jellyfish Drip Mold shows that process.

Sewing SilkeMat® is a breeze using stainless steel thread and stays together for many many firings. The thread does not spall and allows you to do intricate mold making.

Sewing SilkeMat®

Making a SilkeMat® Shelf

Shelves are expensive. Although SilkeMat®​ doesn’t replace a shelf for every situation, having a “spare” comes in real handy.