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US: AAE Glass, Cape Coral FL

      Anything in Stained Glass, Frederick MD

      Art Glass City, Lewisville TX

      Art Glass Supplies, Goffstown NH           

      BJ Cashman/GlasTile, Greensboro NC  

      DL Art Glass Supply, Denver CO

      Ed Hoy, Warrenville IL

      Fused Glass Warehouse, Kingston NH

      Glass House, Decatur IL

      Hollander Glass, Houston TX

      Northwest Art Glass, Redmond WA

      Southwest Art Glass, Phoenix AZ


US:        Amaalgam Studio, E Amherst NY

             BallengerGlassStudio, Mt Vernon WA

             Contempo Art Glass, Arlington TX

             Kessler Craftsman Dallas TX

        Marvelous Mosaic Fine Art, Deer Island OR

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Canada: Glass eMotions, Ontario

UK: Creative Glass Guild, Bristol

      Warm Glass UK, Bristol

The Netherlands: Uniekglas, Someren-Eine

Australia:  Perth Art Glass, Perth

New Zealand: Red Hot Glass, Auckland

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