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For soft and rigid molds

SilkeMat® Rigidizer is NON-FLAMMABLE and formulated for molding SilkeMat® into rigid reusable molds of the highest quality in performance. Easy to use, our Rigidizer cures at 1450F for pot melts and vitrigraph molds, and can even be used to solidify just the outer shell of the SilkeMat® mold to retain a soft, release-free interior for slumping any glass. Properly prepared and fired, all SilkeMat® molds are usually reusable for numerous firings.

SilkeMat ® Rigidizer STOCK SIZES

 SilkeMat® Rigidizer


NOTE: 1 quart of Rigidizer will cover about 3 square feet of SilkeMat®.  Order accordingly.

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