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SilkeMat Tutorial: What is it?

How is it used?

What makes it different?

SilkeMat Basic Tutorial

SilkeMat Rigidizer Tutorial:

How to make rigid permanent molds with SilkeMat

SilkeMat RigidizerTutorial

Sample Reviews:

Just tickled I can do this for my new line of bowls. Saves me having to coat. The pieces are so light compared to the classic ceramic molds.  Another bonus point. - Linda McD

I was honored to be asked to try out the SilkeMat by Barbara. I wanted a good project to try it out because I would be showing my work and hers. It performed as I hoped. I used it in this piece which had multiple firings without any degradation of the SilkeMat. - Bob P


I can't believe it but I am going to need to order again soon. This is the best stuff. I love it. Cary M

I just bought SilkeMat from Barbara Cashman. I love making my own now. Easy to store, light and you don't need to wear a respirator when working with her product. I give it a 10 out of 10! - Linda M

Just tried this for the Crackle Technique...worked beautifully and released cleanly. - Jim B

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SilkeMat Rigidizer SDS Sheet